Saturday, April 29, 2017

Embracing Foolery

April Community Service Hours: 4
Spring Community Service Hours: 25
2016 - 2017 Academic Year Service Hours: 50.75

Was I a fool
To give my heart away
Was I a fool
To love a place I cannot stay
Was I a fool
For committing all of me
Was I a fool
For falling so freely
Standing in these familiar streets
Bidding farewell is so bittersweet
Because living in NOLA, studying pharmacology
Meant more than just earning another degree
From neuro, cardiac, and techniques in the laboratory
To renal, kinetics, and how replication remains error free
I am so in awe of our biology
Of this miracle that we simply call a body
How privileged I am to pursue this field
How much power this knowledge does wield
For upon this foundation I’ll go on to build
All my future clinical skills
So thank you, Tulane, for this wondrous year
Because of you, my path is finally clear
If this makes me a fool, then let me be
For I think you too agree
That this year has been too good to me
So I’m embracing this fabulous foolery