Monday, September 26, 2016

Following Love

Time has been a ceaseless flow
Feels as though we just said “hello!”
This year is moving fast to be sure
But in my knowledge I’m very secure
From cancer, anemia and EKG
To arrhythmias, malaria and cardiac physiology
Flying through the Heme-Onc block
Truly was a race against the clock
But with support from professors and friends
I’m piecing together the beginnings and the ends
Of numerous disease pathologies
Juxtaposing our elegant biology
There’s still much to learn, this I concede
I’m pursuing my love, following its lead

But what separates today from the ones past
Is the start of tutoring at SciHigh at last
Jointly detangling the web of mysteries
Renewed my own passion for chemistry
The spark of understanding in her eyes
As we uncovered where her confusion lies
The flash of interest was reason enough
To delve deeper, past the basic to the tough
This joy in teaching and passion to share
Are, for me, scarcely found elsewhere

What other wonders will I see?
This time next month, where will I be?
The adventures here cannot be bought
Nor the friendships formed, the lessons taught
It’s grateful I am, each day I rise
For I am fortunate, this I realize
To love the now and the to-come
This I say without a qualm
I’ve fallen in love without a net
No looking back and no regrets
For NOLA has been so good to me
Where it leads is where I want to be

September community service hours: 5.5

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Wake of Time

This past week there was an important test
Between classes and studying there was no time to rest
More terms to memorize, more notes to review
Wondering if I bit off more than I could chew
Silently I repeatedly declared
After the test I will go out for fresh air
I’ll walk down each street with no goal in mind
No longer the prisoner to my room confined
I’ll window shop to my heart’s desire
Feeling my spirits soar higher and higher
And when I return as a woman freed
I’ll read that book I’ve been wanting to read
And make the dish I’ve been wanting to make
And bake the bread I’ve been wanting to bake

But after the exam foremost in my head
Was not the book, dish or even the bread
But an overwhelming need to sleep
To feel the oblivion dragging me deep
To let go of the weights from that week
And succumb with cool sheets against my cheek
When I awoke the skies were violet hued
The day was gone I glumly conclude
During my slumber I’d been left in Time’s wake
Wondering if I’d made another mistake

Now as I study I’ve come to realize
One can lose much with eyes on the prize
And enjoyment shouldn’t come after the test
To this I can wholeheartedly attest
Even while under the grasps of stress
And the crushing domination of duress
There’s a reason to laugh, a reason to smile
To cherish living all the while
So read your book and eat that cake
Take the dance class you’ve always wanted to take
Sing from your soul until the windows shake
Race with yourself on feet without brakes
And when opportunities come, grab and take
Lest Time leaves you in its wake