Friday, March 31, 2017

Dichotomy of Economy

In today’s world of economy
There is a startling dichotomy
Of the have’s and the have-not’s
Of those with little and those with lots
There’s those who stress over college tuition
And those who dream of college admission
There’s those who lament their tax bracket is too high
And those who are just barely getting by
There’s those who dispose of seasonal fashion
And those who depend on government ration
There’s those whose diamonds come from stocks
And those who propose with scavenged rocks
There’s those who object to pricey healthcare
And those who wait in emergency room chairs
There’s those who discard half their plate
Because, well, they’re conscious of their weight
But the food they’ve wasted so carelessly
Could’ve easily fed a family

So let us rid ourselves of all undue stress
There’ll always be those with more and those with less
Instead take a moment and appreciate
Pause to evaluate those gifts innate
The ones that create lasting impressions
Unlike our worldly possessions
Our inner self that makes us who we are
Stands apart from our clothes and our car
It proudly proclaims our identities
Without need of any amenities
Let us be more than what we own
And delight in the simple stones

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